Motherhood is

Frantically eating unevenly cooked oatmeal

Going to doctors appointments in leggings from the night before

Sitting in a puddle

Cleaning up a puddle

Having your heart ripped out

And put back together

Being bored

While being overwhelmed

Counting down

Forgetting to count

Trying to breathe

Holding your breath

Scarfing down ice cream

Spilling lunch




Sleeping half awake

Being awake half asleep

Missing someone you never leave

Knowing you’ll love someone



  1. Jenny Garman says:

    Welcome back! Congratulation if indeed you are expecting. Or had a child. Take care, Jennifer

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    1. Thanks!! Yes, I am a mom now! Hoping to start writing a little more often again!


  2. Tammy Parks says:

    Motherhood is beautiful and terrifying, magical and intimate, sleep-deprived and fecal-full. It’s the best experience of my life. Just thinking of my sons brings tears to my eyes – even 33 years later. Love you! Congrats!


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