Gratitude Practice

The smell of a baby’s head

Fleece lined leggings

Waterproof warm boots

Walks in nature

A friend’s reliable and consistent weekly yoga instruction

Wool hand-made hats

Belly lint

Fun socks

Non-competitive board games

Late night desert

Gingerbread cookie cutters

Spotting farm animals on long walks

Waking up to sunshine

The light from candles

The existence of dishwashers

A cat’s response meow when you say his name

Coming back to a clean house after being away

Sitting too close to your partner on the couch

Pasta for dinner, knowing there is enough for lunch tomorrow

Rock lamps

Finding a coloring book you thought you lost

Having Monday off before starting work again

Putting snail gel on a tired face

Realizing life isn’t that bad

Things That Make Me Happy – The 2020 Edition

Taking out a new face mask from the box for a special day out

The security of having hand sanitizer in my pocket

Seeing a message from a friend I haven’t heard from for awhile

Organizing my books by color

Street lights turning on when I happen to be looking at them

My cat taking a nap on the washing machine

A plentiful amount of liquid hand soap in the bathroom cupboard

Seeing my in-laws when they drop by for a yard coffee

Getting pictures of the babies I know

Changing into different pajama bottoms after a shower

Realizing that I brushed my teeth at all the right times of the day

Discovering how much I miss my husband after he comes up from the downstairs office for his lunch break

House Plants

The sound of rain on our roof when I fall asleep

Finishing all the laundry

The cat actually sleeping in one of the millions of beds we’ve purchased for him 

Birds perching on our balcony railing

Remembering there are still snacks in the house

A new soft pair of socks

Re-reading old birthday/holiday cards

My niece picking up my video call

Rock lamps

Eating mangos in winter

Wearing red plaid

Good lighting

A perfect selfie

A comfy sweater

Easy access to warm blankets at any indoor sitting location

A perfectly timed gif

My dad’s winter hat