Wish List Inspiration

My dad was always infamous for his Christmas lists, and I just rediscovered one recently. As Valentine’s Day just passed, I thought it could still serve as an inspiration for others. Copied and edited for spelling errors:


Welcome – greed

  • Please give me both absolutely everything +/or absolutely nothing or emptiness
  • Puppets – any and all kinds, big and small, tall and short, colorful and drab, from all countries, all over the world.
    • Please understand the length and depth of the research that will be required and, above all else, don’t skimp. Don’t be cheap.
    • Quantity and quality – I want lots, lets say at least a coupla hundred, remember: any kind
  • Marionettes
    • Note: this is a separate study, once again in quantity, so please research this diligently. This should become a somewhat very important part of your life.
  • Puppets #3 – also, please don’t forget the puppets
  • Blowgun – actually a blow-gun collection!!
    •  And once again, don’t be cheap. Use your imagination. Naturally, blowguns from around the world are welcome – antique blowguns would be nice, and modern ones too, maybe some historical ones
    • You may have to penetrate scary head hunter/cannibal places but remember you’re supposed to be dedicated, so please, don’t overlook this item. It is important to me. Thnx.
  • A blow-gun retail shop – I don’t think there are many blowgun shops and I need a job and a skill. Maybe I’ll have some good luck and turn it into a big chain store all over the world – “blowguns-r—us” or “everything blowgun”
  • Poison darts – could be short range, long range etc. Books and stuff too. You may need to have a supervisor look this one over. Thanks.
  • Casino computer games – must have sound and background and characters I can chat with, and video poker for a Toshiba cheap laptop.
  • Taiko drums – any kind of size, also sticks
  • Jeans – size 36 by 30
  • Puppet theatre books
  • Bongo drums or similar
  • Shakuhachi flute
  • Gongs and bongs
  • Electric piano
  • Electric organ
  • Cymbals and bells
  • Chimes
  • Selma soprano sax
  • Long johns – large – duo-fold
  • Black pullover sweater or vest – size XL
  • Warm socks, wool socks
  • A nice scarf
  • Cowboy hat – not John Wayne type, more like Wyatt Earp type, gambler dude type
    • I will measure my head soon
  • Foxwoods – all expenses paid gambling trip
  • Ninjutsu stuff – the way of illusion, will require research, shuriken, etc.
  • Croupier school or classes
  • Masks 0 all kinds, or every kind
  • Judo gi, size 5
  • Kimono
  • A good yumi (bow)
  • Naginata, throwing knives, throwing spikes
  • Buddha stuff – layman’s robe, meditation cushions.
  • Kung fu clothes and weapons
  • Bamboo flip flops
  • Books – instruction books on card tricks, magic tricks, Mongolian eagle hunting, croupier instruction, ninjutsu manuals, puppet histories and texts
  • Tibetan books – anything by Kalu Rinpoche, Dilgo Khyentse
    • Dragon Thunder: My Life with Chogyam Trungpa
    • Collected works by Chögyam Trungpa
    • Any manuals or works about Marpa Lotsawa or Tilopa
    • The Hundred Thousand Songs of Milarepa
    • Writings by Alexandra David-Néel and/or Gampopa
  • CD of Disney’s Aladdin or Beauty and the Beast
  • Spices – cooking spices – any and all, both exotic and not
  • Much more stuff soon – keep checking in, there are lots of categories I am forgetting. Just keep getting me stuff. I’ll remember more. Be patient. Thnx.
Wyatt Earp, inspiration for my dad’s cowboy hat request

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