The Sheep

When my husband and I moved, we finally got what I feel is my very first adult house. It has a yard. It has three sets of stairs that lead to other parts of our own place. I have never lived in a house with stairs.

Another thing that we got that signifies adulthood to me: our first sheep.

This sheep hide is your standard issue couch throw from IKEA. But I never thought we would have an apartment that would be nice enough to complement one.

When we moved here, we were obsessed with our friend’s IKEA cow, laying fashionably on the tiled floor in the house across the street, making the grand room look more cozy and personal.

This cow started a long and curious tradition of hide collections within our circle of (now mostly vegan) friends. We all chipped in to buy another friend his first sheep when he moved to this fine country. His partner later learned they had a secret goat in storage.

At the very least, each house I visited had their own fluffy white fashion fur on the couch. I loved visiting each one, absent mindedly patting it down as I chatted or drank.

For years, I wondered, would we ever be able to have an IKEA animal skin of our own? Would we ever reach this level of luxury?

Well, we have finally arrived.

And (despite becoming a vegetarian in this pandemic and all this being somewhat problematic) I have to admit: my sheep skin feels good.

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