Pandemic Happiness Hacks

Things I am hoping will help heal my broken soul during this lockdown:

New puzzles with Swiss landscapes that remind me of our honeymoon

New Tropical Cookie Cutters in the shapes of cacti and flamingos

New shortbread recipe to bake

Adding friend and family birthdays and wedding anniversaries to my 2021 calendar, including new babies

Pre-scheduling my live aerobics/yoga classes for the week

Learning more about how to get a good night’s sleep on reputable forums

Looking for a new writing group online

A free online design app that’s helping me refine my aesthetic

Researching and deciding on a new hobby, anywhere in the world, to do with a new community

Preparing for new gardening projects for Spring

Continuing my Friday emails to friends and family back in the States (week 20 this week!)

Planning more social events online, and sending more whatapp voice messages to friends

Official board game nights with my husband

Adding all my classes and deadlines to my calendar to plan for the things I can anticipate and control

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