Christmas Wishes

It’s Christmas. I am trying to take stock. Find something to be grateful for.

There is always a long list, of course, but in yoga, it’s difficult to remember what you are grateful for about yourself.

I’ve concluded the key to getting through this pandemic is to stay confident in your own decisions – what you deem safe, what you feel comfortable with, and how you’d like to navigate this new world.

This is what I struggle with the most. Staying confident. I always err on the side of caution. But when is too cautious? What is too cautious? Am I overdoing it? Am I not doing it enough?

I am also used to making do, to getting by. I forget that when I am cold, I can turn the heat on. That when I am inconvenienced, I can often fix the problem I am having. Instead, I grit my teeth and carry on. But sometimes some luxury is nice, sometimes an indulgence is okay.

Am I making the right decision?

There is no answer to that question, only the one you make for yourself. I’d love someone to tell me; I’d love some universal rule book for this year, an encyclopedia on how to have a social life, how to go grocery shopping, how to have holiday cheer. But that doesn’t exist. We all have to make our own way. And remember that we are in this together. That compassion is more important than judgement, than right or wrong, than good or bad. We are all struggling in different ways. So this Christmas, I will try to feel close to you all, despite being mostly alone. I will try to connect, despite being apart. I will send only good holiday energy into this world. And wish you all brightness, warmth and love.

Merry Christmas.

An earlier Dutch Christmas, deeply focused, in PJs

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  1. unionlawyer says:

    Thank you for this lovely sentiment. Of course, if you ever need the absolutely right answer, just email me. I love you, Tori and the world needs more of you.

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