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Motherhood is

Frantically eating unevenly cooked oatmeal Going to doctors appointments in leggings from the night before Sitting in a puddle Cleaning up a puddle Having your heart ripped out And put back together Being bored While being overwhelmed Counting down Forgetting to count Trying to breathe Holding your breath Scarfing down ice cream Spilling lunch LeakingContinue reading “Motherhood is”

4th of July

When my sister and I were really young, we dressed up as barbies for the 4th of July to participate in the local parade close to my grandma’s summer house. My grandma had an old, beautiful run-down home on the Connecticut sound, nestled in the woods of a suburban neighborhood. We would go every summerContinue reading “4th of July”

The Canoe Trip

My dad, with a strategically placed slice of silver hair on an otherwise beautiful head of brown locks, sat proudly at the back of a canoe, attempting to keep his posture straight while resting his belly comfortably in his lap, in between an unfastened bright orange lifejacket. ┬áHe was finally taking us on a boatContinue reading “The Canoe Trip”

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